remove.bgRemove background
photopea.comPhotoshop alternative
savefrom.netDownload video`s from websites
kapwing.comVideo editor
cloudconvert.comFile converter
smallpdf.comPDF tools

ccleaner.exePortable version of the Ccleaner program.
cpuz.exeCpuz. Program to see what memory is installed on your computer
crystaldiskmark5.zipCrystalDiskMark 5.2.0
depends.dllRequired for depends.exe
depends.exeDepends. Depencey Walker. Find missing DLL files on your computer. ( Download depends.dll too! )
diskspeed.zipRoadkil's Disk Speed
handle.exeShow what files an program is using.
hash.exeA tool to calculate hashes.
ipscan.exeAngry ip-scanner. Scans networks for open ports.
nc.exeNetcat tool. More advanced then telnet.exe
procexp.exeProcess Explorer from Sysinternals
procmon.exeProcMon. Monitor process activity
ProduKey.exeFinds Windows serial/key
regmon.exeRegMon. Monitor registry activity
resizer.exeJPEG Resizer. Resizes JPG-files in batch mode.
tail.exeWin32 Tail program. To watch file changes in real-time.
totalcmd.exeTotal Commander portable version ( extract to c:\totalcmd\ )
WNM.exeShow/Export/Import wireless networks from Windows 7/10
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